Lorenzo Pazzaglia

Evil Angel

CHF 145
50ml bottle

In my heart I have the wind that whispers clear and pure mint. In my eyes I have the sails unfurled, seas of Whiskey to sail and lands of Absinthe to discover. I draw my sword and find justice in the arms of a sweet vanilla myrrh while my rebellious soul finally finds peace. Thus, the night comes as a source of peace and I, a warrior, rest on a bed of flowers and wood because tomorrow is the new day.

Anthea Devon

Olfactory family: Woody fruity

Top Notes: Cashmere Wood, Tropical Fruits, Roman Wormwood, Mint, Fruity Notes, Paraguayan Petitgrain, Citrus, Rain Notes, Lime, Musk and Oak

Heart notes: Rum, Cedar, Coconut, Robinia, Cinnamon and Whisky

Base Notes: Iso E Super, Sandalwood, Vanilla, Bourbon Vanilla, Tobacco, Cedarwood and Myrrh

The fragrance does not contain raw materials of animal origin

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