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Eleanor Earring Gold Plated

CHF 75

The Eleanor captivating circle earrings are a celebration of the mystery and beauty of the night sky. Each earring features a delicately engraved circle adorned with sparkling stars, slender moons, and opal and zircon stones that ignite the imagination.

The stars engraved on the circles add a touch of magic and splendor to the design. These stars shine with meticulous details, creating a constellation of beauty around the ear.

The slender moons gracefully rest beneath the stars, evoking the serene and mysterious atmosphere of the night. The opal stones, with their shifting hues, capture the light enchantingly, while the zircons add sparkle and brilliance to the design.

Wearing these earrings means carrying the charm of the night sky with you wherever you go. They are perfect for dreamers and those seeking a unique style statement. With their balance of stars, moons, opals, and zircons, these earrings pay homage to the beauty of the nighttime firmament.

  • Material: 18K Gold Plated
  • Stone: Opal and Zirconia

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